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      Bengbu University is a full-time provincial university which focuses on industry disciplines and develops in a multi-disciplinary way. The establishment of its higher education can be traced back to 1978. On the basis of the merger of Bengbu Educational College, Bengbu College and Bengbu Workers College, Bengbu University was established, and approved by the Ministry of Education in April 2007. In August 2011, the management system of the University was promoted from “provincial and municipal co-construction and municipal management” to “provincial and municipal co-construction and provincial management”. In November 2014, it passed the undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of Education. In 2019, it was determined to be a provincial construction university of master’s program.

      Bengbu University covers an area of 1128 mu, including the building area of 370,000 square meters and the application-for-construction area of 31,000 square meters. The total fixed assets value is 650 million yuan, including 142 million yuan of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment. The university possesses 1,367,700 paper books, 752,100 electronic books and 1339 different forms of Chinese and English journals. In addition there are 9 provincial educational centers which have been set up, such as Provincial Teaching Demonstration Centers, Provincial Engineering Practice Education Centers and Provincial Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Centers.

      The university has 53 undergraduate majors, covering seven disciplines such as engineering, science, management, economics, literature, art and education. It has 14  faculties and 14627 full-time students. At present, Bengbu University has 883 faculty members, including 666 full-time teachers. Among teachers, there are 206 teachers who have senior professional and technical titles, 71 teachers with Ph.D., 1 National Excellent Teacher, 22 Provincial Model Teachers and Provincial Excellent Teachers, 1 Provincial Academic and Technical Leader, 1 with State Council Special Allowance, 1 with Provincial Government Special Allowance, 12 Provincial Famous Teachers and 20 Provincial New Teaching Talents.

      Adhering to the needs of local economic and social development, Bengbu University has put the new high education concept of “Being student-centered, output-oriented and sustainable improvement” into action with regards to all areas, and deeply deepen the reform of talent cultivating mode with the combination of industry and education. The University has been selected into the Second Batch of Demonstrative Construction Universities in the Scientific Work Capacity Improvement Plan (National Talents Project) by the Ministry of Education, and has jointly established four industrial colleges with enterprises: Industry College of Chinese Federation of Trade Unions Logistics, Fengyuan Bioengineering Industry College, Bozhi Shenxue Artificial Intelligence College and Huawei Information and Network Technology College. 28 projects of Collaborative Education of Production and Learning have been approved by the Ministry of Education. Since 2016, the University has been approved of the establishment of 2 Provincial First-class Brand Majors, 3 Provincial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Projects, 1 Provincial Excellent Talent Education and Training Plan, 3 Provincial University-Enterprise-Cooperation Practice Education Bases, 3 Provincial High-level Teaching Teams, 2 Famous Teacher’s Studios, 1 Provincial Maker Space and 8 Provincial University Student Maker Laboratory Construction Plans, and has been awarded 10 Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards.

      The University upholds collaborative innovation, and is commited to social service. It has jointly built Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center of Silicon-Based New Materials with Bengbu government and Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has been listed in the Comprehensive Innovation Cooperation Project of the provincial government and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Bengbu University has a Provincial Academician Workstation, Anhui Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Silicon-based Materials, Engineering Technology Research Center for Silicon-Based Materials Anhui and other provincial scientific research platforms. Besides, the university has 5 municipal research platforms such as Bengbu Key Think Tank (Innovation and Development Research Center of the Huaihe River Culture), and 4 research platforms which are jointly constructed with the local or enterprises. Since 2016, 6 projects of National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation have been approved; 120 projects of provincial and ministerial levels like Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education have been approved; and 163 patent authorizations, including 21 invention patents, have been approved. 2 Social Science Awards of Anhui province have been awarded.

      Bengbu University steadily develops its open education. Focusing on countries along the Belt and Road, it has established cooperative relationship with universities in the United States, France, Italy, Hungary, Korea, etc., and has 2 Chinese-Foreign cooperatively-run programs which now have 76 students. The University emphasizes serving the national lifelong education and the construction of learning society, and has established Bengbu Sub-center of National Digital Learning Resource Center, and been awarded as the “National Staff Education and Training Pilot Site” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. It is the Key Institution of Rural Migrant Workers Training of Anhui Provincial Ministry of Education.

      With full implementation of the basic task of morality education and talents cultivation, and adherence to the motto of Diligence, Practice, Integrity and Competence, Bengbu University keeps making an effort to train high-caliber application-oriented talents, and has obtained sound achievement. In the recent five years, the minimum admission scores of the University have been higher than those of most other application-oriented universities in Anhui province, and the first employment rates of graduates keep stable above 93%, which is higher than the provincial average level. The university has been awarded as “the Advanced Instituition in Employment of University Graduates” in Anhui province for three years in succession, “Model Insititution in Employment of Graduates” in Anhui for two years in succession, and “Excellence Level” in the annual comprehensive assessment of the provincial leading groups in Anhui for 4 years in succession.

      In the new era, Bengbu Univeristy will take Xi Jinping’s new socialism ideology with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, put the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Working Conference on Undergraduate Education in the New Era into action. Following the route of “Being back to common sense, back to our obligation, back to our original aspiration and back to our dream”, the University will continuously deepen the reform of key areas and major fields in education and teaching, fully enhance its running strength and the quality of application-oriented talents, and strive to build it into a local application-oriented high-level university with a certain influence and distinctive characteristics inside and outside the province.

      October 24, 2019










      School of Mechanics and Vehicle Engineering


      ※&c Manufacture and Automation


      Material Module and Control Engineering


      Industrial Design


      #Vehicle Engineering


      Automotive Services Engineering


      School of Civil and Hydropower Engineering


      *Environmental Science


      Environmental Science2.5+1.5 Chinese-American Cooperation Program


      *Civil Engineering


       Hydropower Engineering


      School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


      *Electronic Information Engineering


      Electronic Information Science and Technology


      Electrical Engineering and Automation


      School of Food and Biological Engineering


      #abc Food Science and Technology




      Pharmaceutical Engineering


      Food Quality and Safety


      Food Quality and Safety2+2 Chinese-American Cooperation Program


      Food Hygiene and Nutrition




      School of Computer Engineering


      #cComputer Science and Technology


      Software Engineering


      Internet Engineering


      &Internet of Things Engineering


      Data Science and Big Data Technology


      School of Material and Chemical Engineering


      *Applied Chemistry


      #Chemical Engineering and Technology


      ※&abc Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering


      Material Science and Engineering 


      Safety Engineering


      School of Sciences


      Financial Engineering


      *Mathematics & Applied Mathematics


      *Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering


      Material Physics


      School of Economics and Management


      #c Marketing


      #c Engineering Management






      Logistics Engineering


      Financial Management


      School of Art and Design


      #c Environmental Design


      Visual Communication Design


      Digital Media Art


      Product Design


      School of Foreign Languages






      School of Literature and Education,


      *Chinese Language and Literature


      *Pre-school Education


      Edited TV Director


      Primary School Education


      School of Music and Dancing




      School of Marxism



      Department of Physical Education



      *省級專業綜合改革試點Provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilot

      #省級特色專業Provincial characterisitic specialty

      省級卓越人才教育培養計劃Provincial excellent talents training program

      &省級新工科研究與實踐試點專業Provincial new engineering research and practice pilot program

      a省級一流專業Provincial first-class specialty

      b省級工程專業認證試點專業Provincial pilot specialty of engineering specialty certification

      c“雙萬計劃”推薦專業Recommended specialty of “Double Ten Thousand Plan”


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